Who's Who at Hand and Stone Levittown?

Have you ever needed a good massage, and just didn't know what massage therapist to see?  Who's Who is a quick, personal biography on each therapist’s specialties, and the type of massage they enjoy giving! We hope this helps you not only narrow down your search, but gives you an idea of the type of therapist that you may be looking for!

****All therapists at Hand and Stone Levittown are trained in our Swedish, Hot Stone and Himalayan Stone treatments as well as our Enhancements. The following biographies are to provide each therapist’s specialties.

Danielle C:      Danielle loves relaxation massages for the upper body, as well as focused work to the scalp and feet. Danielle is also certified in Reflexology, Pre-Natal and Oncology Massage.

Leigh B:           Leigh specializes in a variety of medical massage treatments such as TMJ work, headaches, Sciatica and Deep Tissue. Leigh is also certified in Pre-Natal and Oncology massage.

Stefanie V:      Stefanie specializes in performing neck and shoulder treatments to relieve headaches and neck pain. She also enjoys doing deep tissue massage.

Tina D:             Tina specializes in treating the low back and hips for pain relief. Tina is also certified in Reflexology, Pre-Natal and Oncology massage.

Nikki T:            Nikki specializes in using medical massage and deep tissue for stiff necks, shoulder injuries, and trunk work. Nikki is also certified Pre-Natal and has experience working with various disabilities.

Victoria T:       Victoria enjoys doing detailed full body massage for overall maintenance of the body. Vicky also specializes in neck, shoulder and trunk work.

Kaia G:             Kaia likes to do focused work on the neck and low back, and is also certified in Reflexology massage.

Erin C:             Erin enjoys using medical massage, and deep tissue for both neck and shoulder pain or injury. Erin is also certified in giving Pre-Natal massages.

Michele F:       Michele specializes in relaxation massages and doing focused work to the neck, shoulders and legs. She also enjoys doing medical massage and deep tissue.

Cheryl S:         Cheryl specializes in using medical massage to alleviate pain with the neck, shoulder injuries and feet. Cheryl also loves stretching clients and is certified in Reflexology.

Joe H:              Joe enjoys using different modalities to treat the shoulders, arms and low back.  Joe is also certified to do Pre-Natal and Oncology massage.

Tiana K:           Tiana loves treating the neck, shoulders and upper back for pain relief. Tiana also enjoys working with clients that have Fibromyalgia.

Jamie D:          Jamie enjoys doing focused work to the neck and shoulders, to relieve both tension and pain.

Rachel B:         Rachel specializes in deep tissue treatments, and is also certified in Reflexology.

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